Residential Service Plans - Water Treatment

Annual Inspection

SchagrinGAS Company's preventative maintenance procedure includes the following services:

  • Refill mineral bed in Acid Neutralizer to proper level.
  • Inspect and clean timer controls on Ion Exchange Units for optimum regeneration
  • Change Reverse Osmosis Filters and test Total Dissolve Solids (TDS)
  • Retest raw water for equipment adjustments, if needed.
Single Plan Contract





Combination Plan Contract

$219.95 Save $95

$259.95 Save $195

$189.95 Save $105

$169.95 Save $75

$239.95 Save $200


We reserve the right to inspect and approve the equipment before accepting the service contract. Repairs required to place the equipment in acceptable conditions are not covered.

Length of Contract

This agreement will remain in effect for one year from original invoice date and will be self-renewing at the prevailing rates, terms, and conditions in the current service contract. Either party upon 30 days written notice, may cancel this agreement.

To keep the SchagrinGas Service Contract in effect a customer must pay for all gas, parts, labor, and other chargeable items, when due and not permit anyone other than a SchagrinGas authorized service technician to render service to the covered equipment. No refunds will be given on premature termination.

Service Coverage

To include the following:

  • Refill mineral bed in Acid Neutralizer to proper level
  • Inspect and clean timer controls on Ion Exchange units for optimum regeneration
  • Change Reverse Osmosis filters and test Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Cycle Acid Neutralizer and Ion Exchange Units to check valve operation
  • Retest raw water for equipment adjustments, if needed.

SchagrinGas also offers emergency service labor on covered equipment during service plan hours. Service plan hours are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday. Any service call covered by this plan after the above hours or during a holiday will incur an “after hours” charge.

Service under this agreement does not include labor or parts needed as a result of an Act of God, fire, water damage, or other abnormal occurrences including:

  • Interrupted electric service or low voltage, blown fuses, or circuit breakers, or switch in the “off” position.
  • Improper setting of timer.
  • Failure to maintain proper water pressure and volume.
  • Clogged water lines
  • Parts rendered defective by other than ordinary wear.
  • Any other call that does not relate to parts or service identified as “Covered” in the plan.
Acceptance does not obligate SchagrinGAS Company for secondary damages, malfunction, or failure to render service or provide parts due to situations beyond our control.
Parts Coverage

COVERED: Timer motors, diaphragms, o-rings, gears, tanks, micro-switches, valve stem, brine valve, screens, internal valve parts, piston and seals.

NOT COVERED: Salt, greensand, solid state controls, valve bodies, by-pass valve, neutralite, carbon*, resin*, and reverse osmosis membrane**

*Not to exceed $75.00
**Not to exceed $60.00

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